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March 17, 2013

Trends & More

As the sun is shining the inspiration also comes ! So as i was checking some of the online fashion platform`s...  i stop myself on this amazing Italian Shoes Designer .Who manage to catch my eyes with he`s colorful shoes. You can enjoy yourself with the entire campaign that you can find  it on the website 

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Tell me you don`t love this flat pineapple sandals ?

On the other hand this presentation is very unconventional and original , and the fuchsia is a very Must Have this season.

Last but not Least I Found This Gorgeous High-Heels With Platform That Combines The Clearly Blue Sky That You Can Have In You`r Feel (Literally ) And The Explosion Of  Strong Colors Above 


Today as is a cloudy day , has inspired me into more darker colors , such as gray and dark green red & beige or brown , i know is the season of rebirth but sometimes spring is also trick us with the temperature changing constantly , so what can we do ? Th only answer i find is : Adapt !
So let`s all adapt to this day and share some Amazing outfits that i find appropriate . Enjoy

                                        So here we have mostly Burberry FW/13 

I think they mixed very well the colors and the textures , it`s like a puzzle good made !

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